I’m a curious designer.

I enjoy exploring questions and solving problems to create better experiences for people with user-centered design. In addition to Product Design and UX Design, I have experience in fine arts, marketing, operations and social impact. My perspective and diverse background impact my design - from empathizing with users to visual thinking.


Recent Work

Creating an internal tool for customer research data management

Designing various new features for web and mobile

Responsive redesign for business travel management app

Designing a new web app for a fintech product

Designing various new features and improving UX of original web application

Responsive onboarding and back end  admin CMS design

Responsive redesign and improvements for health insurance application

Designing new features for a product helping fundraisers

Responsive redesign for landing page and onboarding

Onboarding system for new enterprise product in staffing/ payroll industry

Redesign of newsfeed and purchase flow for e-commerce iOS app

Android mobile app case study


Community and Social Impact Projects

Hackathon to design an app and business strategy to help refugees resettle with job and language training

Hackathon to design a product that harnesses data to help make improvements for the National Parks Service

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