Responsive Design to Help Businesses Manage Travel

Routespring helps businesses manage business travel and travelers.


Take the basic app to the next level for growth. Improve the user experience and visual design to gain more new clients. Create prototypes for sales team and testing with clients.

My Role

I worked as the sole designer to create a new version of the basic app -Conducting user research, narrowing on current pain points with business goals, competitive analysis, reimagine and develop a new information architecture with new flows, sketches, wireframes, iterations, testing, engineer handoff. I also produced a new design system based on the existing marketing design.

Which users would use this app?

User Research

Two major users: Admins and Travelers

I worked closely with the Product manager to understand more about the users and also understand the layers of admin access

My focus is on the Admin side for example:

  • Account managers
  • Sales manager (internally- for presenting to future clients)

Competitive Analysis

Other sites

Reviewing what are the strong elements on other websites and considering to apply on our site.

Overall Usability 

Seeing the need for a new information architecture followed by updated flows. 


Creating a more user friendly dashboard with relavent data and information.


Improving the way each section functions on its own and in exchange with the rest of the site.

Working out the flow


Information Architecture




People Management

Design System and Stylesheet


  • Make more time upfront to create components, design system, style sheet 
  • Testing with more clients to get more improved data points for dashboard
Using Format