Features, Internationalization & User Research


As a contract designer, I worked with several pods in the organization in order to create new features for the website.

Few items I worked on was a App installation, Multi-channel Communication feature and an language/content internationalization feature.   

Additionally, I helped the User Research team to create personas and understand certain  types of users more in depth.


Speed: product teams were able to quickly cycle through building new features, and test out new concepts.

App Install

Working with one of the pods and testing out options for ways to direct users to install app icon, so that they can go directly to their own home page.


As a global organization, Change.org needed to tackle the problem of language translation, beyond a basic level. It is an essential accessibility issue.

If a person wanted to support something in another country or if a person wanted to post something and hope it would be seen globally.

Multi-Channel Communication

Being limited to simply email exchange with the organization was not enough for both Change and the users, as users expressed needing more options.

This option expanded the way a user would want to be communicated.

User Research and Persona development

Working directly with the lead User Researcher, I dove into the world of "members" and created an in depth analysis for the organization to reference. 

  • I analyzed qualitative data and interviews, in order to synthesize commonalities.
  • Also understanding and gathering quantitative data from surveys.

Using affinity mapping technique to understand users and pain points.

Creating a repository of findings in a cohesive format for all areas of the organization to access.

Using Format