New product design to help banks create relationships with their customers

Juntos works on helping banks build customer relations through a conversation experience. 


After years and years of  developing the initial product, they know their client’s customer's needs to the core. With this knowledge they need to find a way to highlight the power of their algorithm in a cost effective way for their clients.

My Role

As the main product designer for the Juntos team, I worked on end to end aspects of the new design including, UX research, user testing, sketching, lofi and midfi wire-framing, and delivering final designs.


In order to understand their clients and their client’s customers, I reviewed interviews the company had previously done, from testing with basic wireframe prototype. Next, I spoke to a customer expert that told me in detail about the users needs and wants. This really helped me to understand the needs and challenges 


Deeper understanding of the Users

The company provided me with a few user personas, but to get a more well rounded understanding of the users, I did a User/Situation/Motivation/Outcome exercise. 


How will the Banks move through the app?

App flow

The important question was thinking how a user would want to go about building a conversation. Some users would want to go through initially creating a conversation and some would want to start with a product.

The initial flows included the saving the conversation at the end.

 After working more closely with the engineering team I learned that it needed to happen earlier in the process to function clearly. 

Additionally, I wanted the conversation to be able to change more smoothly. This also I learned could not happen easily on the backend.


Working with the team

I worked closely with the Product Manager/Head of Dev and also the Operations Manager to create the product, as they had done the initial concept testing. Furthermore, I worked with the Engineers though out the dev process.


Results page and evolution of design

The two important pages were 

1. Selecting the topics

2. View the actual conversation that would be sent to customers

I conducted 2 rounds of testing to receive feedback and develop new iterations.

Early Iteration Feedback for choosing topic of conversation and viewing of conversation

✓  Clear for User to understand what topic they were working with

  Button interaction was too long for page.

  Needs to view all the Conversation topics at once

Testing and Validation

Going through two rounds of testing, one internal and two external.  I was able to clear some of the confusion with the earlier product.  We tested in both Spanish and English since the market is in various different countries around the world.

Final Iteration of Conversation Selector

✓  Select topics and clients easily

✓  View the overarching goal of conversation

✓  Save Conversation

Final Iteration of Message Viewer

✓  Read all of the conversation topics

✓  Easily view each conversation and know how many messages remaining to see

✓  Language change

✓  Know when each conversation has been viewed


Post Dev

Accessibility - Colors 

I researched colors for the graphs that would be used by the clients as there would be over 20 colors needed.


There were a few portions of the design that were misinterpreted by the engineers, so I think it will be good to review with the team more clearly and not just one person. I wish I would have actually done a presentation for the full dev team.



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