(JObs /LAnguage)


Create a tool using tech which will help refugees thrive in the United States.

My Role

Designed ideas for a product with a two other product designers. We helped guide and introduce design thinking to a team of business development specialist and engineers.

Understanding the Challenges

  • Non-english learners learn best in their own language
  • 1-1 mentoring does not scale
  • The government won’t fund language training without data supporting economic contribution
  • US companies want to see recognizable skills and recognizable companies on candidate resumes 
  • Refugees need language and interview training to secure their “best first” job 


Sustainable Business Strategy

I worked with an amazing team of business strategist, engineers, and designers, as well as people knowledgeable about working with refugees.  The idea was to include large corporate sponsorships with companies like Starbucks, Uber, and Amazon to help with this.


● Contextual, native-language learning

● Track-based curriculum linked to job openings

● Crowd-sources microwork for refugee communities

Wire-Frame Sketches

Designers created whiteboard sketches to test out ideas and developed final sketches.

1. Choose native language

2. A welcome video in native language

3. Choosing a level

4. Step by step learning objective

5. Quiz to test listening, speaking

6. Begin a job training track like customer support or transportation.

7. Have options to change track.

8. Create a video for application.

9. Apply to job with certificate, resume, video!

Using Format