Designing new features to help fundraisers manage pipeline

Marketsmart can help fundraisers more effectively manage their pipeline with automation technology. 


Design new features to help gift officers to cultivate and manage donors to reach fundraising goals.

My Role

I worked on various end to end aspects of the designing the new features, including, UX research, wire-framing and prototyping. 

Understanding the problems

As the product manager and CEO overtime realized that their clients were in need of more nuanced lists of potential donors from their database. We plotted out a few potential  journeys and my job was to go a bit deeper. create new potential journeys that would get the user the best results.

The other issue was finding a way to utilize fully the sophisticated technology of an email automation system and receiving detailed reports or overviews.


Create a filter system, so gift officers could seamlessly create lists.


Develop a design for a new reporting system for automated email sends.


Setting up a portfolio building system for each gift officer


The gift officers

With my background in working on fundraising teams, understanding the user was quite easy.  These people are often overworked and unpaid. The product manager also shared previously created user personas which also helped give a well rounded understanding of these people.


Ideation and Validation Testing

I started the ideation process with lo to mid- fi designs and encouraged the team to test early before going full high fidelity.  The product manager conducted several qualitative tests and reports for me to analyze and interpret.

Iteration examples

Initial Iteration Feedback for Landing Page and Decisions

✓  Clear flow of filter requirements

  Layout clear with good use of space

 The M and P were not making sense to users

 "Location" and "Gift likelihood categories" needed to be more nuanced

 Symbols within the color ratings did not make sense

Ideation of automated email reporting

✓  Easier to read and understand mission

X  Users want to see more of the feed



During testing, the team realized that this feature was not as essential as initially expected. Fundraisers use other databases for building portfolios.  We ultimately scrapped this, but saved money and hours of engineer work.


Final Designs


The most challenging part in this role was to interpret quantitative and qualitative data that I did not directly find. There are so many advantages of getting insights directly from conducting user testing.  In this case, I learned to take data from a third source and analyze and prioritize it to reiterate on designs.



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