Fawn: iOS app Redesign for Customer Retention

Fawn: iOS App Redesign

Fawn is an e-commerce app that guides people to discover stores and events in their surrounding neighborhood


Improve retention, create more repeat users and purchases 

My Role 

I worked on various end to end aspects of the full redesign, include testing, research, sketching, wire-framing, validation testing, and hi fi prototypes.

Highlighting the Value Prop of Discovery

  • Through research and testing the design team discovered the app needed improvements on showing the value proposition of discovery in multiple sections of the app.
  • Initially, we created iterations right from the onboarding journey through the newsfeed, with an improved filter system. However, as we got closer to holiday season, the client wanted our team to focus on news feed and purchase journey.

In order to highlight the value prop on the news feed, we found ways to increase relevance by including more examples within the landing frame.  

Purchase Flow

During testing, users found it confusing that you could purchase and then pick up.  They thought maybe you had the option to have it delivered.  We provided more details on purchase process and made the page more engaging. 

Looking back, Adding a price to the confirmation data would have also been essential.


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