Unify Customer Research Insights


Create a strategy to best understand which direction to further invest for a unified customer/research data management tool. 

1) Create and internal tool 

2) Find a third party option 

3) Audit other tools already in use internally


  • Internal transparency of info
  • Unified language of customers
  • Smart and faster work flows
  • Democratize access
  • Merge standards and taxonomy
  • Discover inconsistencies
  • Cross functional 

My Role

I worked as the sole designer with the Customer Success and Advocacy Director and Head of Research Insights to create a new internal product option.

  • User Research
  • Identifying and confirming need for internal toolInterviews about old methods and 1st spreadsheet
  • Narrowing on current pain points with business goals
  • Competitive analysis
  • Understand optimal flows
  • Sketches, wireframes,Iterations, testing, handoff

Who needs this product?

User Research

  • Internal orgs
    • Insights team and Customer success team
    • Most other orgs
    • Product managers
    • Designers


Create a Distinct Product

Diferentiate it from external products as well as internal tools

Not too much -Not too little

Creating a more user friendly dashboard and search feature that has relavent data and information which is not overwhelming but also not leaves room for exploration.

Main Aspects

Focus on prioritization and tags

Competitive Analysis

Identifying other 3rd party companies

    • Potential partner
    • Understand pros and cons of using an external prduct
    • Learn how they work and the benifits to incorporate into product

Two Main Flows

High level flows of both Search and Input


Wireframes and Testing

Input Form

Dashboard and Search

Easy Access to Examples and Current Insights


Abstract Page


  • Better understanding of schedules during holidays
  • Connect with more engineers
Using Format