Developing an onboarding for a youth education game and CMS for the local pharmasists in Rwanda

Ylabs connets with youth globally in order to improve design locally.


This project is focused on understanding Rwandan youth better in order to connect them with the right resources through an educational game. 

My Role

I was brought on as a contract designer to create an onboarding for the game as well as a backend admin site for another tangential product that focused on training pharmasists.

Ideation for Onboarding

I worked together with a senior designer and another youth designer based in Rwanda, who tested the site and provided in depth insight from the users.

Engage youth with Topic Interests

I realized that for the onboarding the best way for youth to get engaged with the game was through choosing topics that interested them.  Based on this, they could choose a character to play the game.

Creating a simple to use admin website for Admins

The main goals of creating this new feature was to 

1. Allow pharmacists to manage their employee exams

2. Allow Admins to manage the exams by adding or editing questions

3. Create an analytics section to measure progress of learners 

Working with Engineers

The lead designer coordinated with the with the developers and I handed off the designs using Zeplin.


Adding a few extra days for testing would have been helpful in making the feature better.

Using Format